Acerca de nosotros

Our history

Servinfo is a global solutions company, focused on technology and development of integrated systems, which seeks to satisfy the needs of its customers and generate added value to them. We have 20 years of experience in the market, providing various services to our clients. Based on the experience accumulated over the years, we developed new and better work methodologies, we investigated the latest technologies and we deployed the best practices.

Given the experience of large-scale video surveillance, accumulated over the years by Servinfo, increasingly complex customer requirements were emerging, prompting venturing into the world of video analysis (computer vision) and later in intelligence-based systems artificial for image analysis.

MVD Analytics, was born as a project to group all the knowledge acquired in the field of video security added to the investigation of Artificial Intelligence to strengthen the field of advanced video analytics.

Our flagship product is Weapon Detection arises from a need to generate early warnings of the presence of a weapon in a video stream and allows real-time notification directly to your mobile device.